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  • Memiliki Kompetensi Bahasa Inggris Tingkat Dasar



  • Introduction, Greeting, My Family, Body Parts00:10:06
  • Clothes, Family Tree, Daily Activity00:10:43
  • Simple Present Tense, Simple Continuous Tense00:09:47
  • Toys, Fun Activities, Present Continuous Tense00:09:41
  • Counting and Story00:09:41
  • Park, House, Crafting, Days00:12:34
  • Daily Activity, Kind of Word Entries, Animal Activity, Kalimat Introgatif00:10:38
  • Daily Activity, Animal Habitats, Weather, Season, Have to, Has To, Modal Can00:15:00
  • Five Sense and Understanding the Story (Narrative)00:10:56
  • Narrative, Menus and Healthy Life Style00:10:16
  • Like and Dislike, Simple Past Tense, Command and Prep00:08:56
  • Asking Questions, Menu, Discussing about Dinosaurs00:11:23
  • Reading and Understanding Animal Text, Language Structure00:12:34
  • Using "Invent" Word, Holiday, Mother's Day, Chinese Year00:10:54
  • Date, Month, Year, Hobbies, and Writing for Finishing Story00:10:04
  • Structure (Be going to, Comparative and Superlative Degree, Apostrophe "S")00:09:09
  • Family Photos and Time00:10:42
  • Holiday in USA, Shopping, and Advertisement00:10:09
  • Letter, Structure (Started and to Infinitive)00:09:20
  • Asking and Information about Internet, and Understanding the Magazine00:10:43
  • Interview, Movie, and Simple Future Tense00:11:14
  • May and Might, Simple Present Tense 00:07:14

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